New Waterford Community Hub progress commendable

Source: Saltwire: As we reach October and into a change of seasons, I want to applaud a change that is taking place in New Waterford. The progress of the ‘New Waterford Community Hub’ project is commendable. The excitement around construction of our new Community Wellness Centre and the new Breton Education Centre (BEC) is growing as more members of the community see the new buildings take shape. This is just the start. There is more to come.


Building Dreams in the Construction Trades 

For Cole Walker, a grade 11 student at Breton Education Centre (BEC), he’s not yet sure of the exact path he’ll follow, but there is one thing he knows for certain; his future looks very similar to his Papa’s thanks to an inspiring six months of learning in a skilled trades class, taught by one passionate professor and a community of tradespeople.