Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council Bridging Community and Industry (BCI)

Submitted by: Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council

The Mobile Training Centres (MTCs) are part of the Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council’s ‘Bridging Community and Industry’ training program. This program is co-funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia. The purpose is to deliver industry-based training, identified by labour market needs, for new entrants to the sector/trade with a focus on addressing barriers for underrepresented groups (traditionally marginalized).

Once participants are trained by industry professionals, as part of this fully funded program, they are connected with employers to help address labour needs, in particular on Nova Scotia’s major capital projects. The Cape Breton MTC is currently located on the Northside Health Complex development site and provides opportunities for aspiring Apprentices to learn on a project site they could likely work on after training is completed.

Photo of Introduction to Carpentry and Scaffolding students learning in the Mobile Training Centre on the Northside Healthcare Complex site.

It is an innovative approach to an Enhanced Direct Entry training model, facilitated by industry, while reducing barriers for community engagement towards Apprenticeship. The Province of Nova Scotia has been fundamental to the success of the program to date by providing student supports (in the form of a living allowance and child care costs), training credits for Apprenticeship, and access to major project sites.

To date, more than 70% of participants have attached to the sector. This partnership program is about real people getting real opportunities.

Photo of the Introduction to Carpentry and Scaffolding students touring the Northside site with PCL after safety training.

Trent Soholt, Executive Director for the Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council, says the Council and its partners could not be more proud of the success of the program. 

“We have seen so much success already – with interest by industry and by participants for the opportunities presented. We have more individuals interested than each training offering can accommodate, and we have increasing asks from industry to deliver more.  To deliver the best results, we are being as strategic as possible using labour market information and the forecast models for the industry.”

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